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 Anonymous said: "does she straighten her hair every day?"


posted 1 month ago
 Anonymous said: "do you know how speak "bae" right? "b-e-h" or "b-ä" or "bay" idk"

What lol

posted 1 month ago with 1 note
 hes-more-myself-than-i-am said: "where did savannah get all of her money? what are the ways she get money?"

People click on her ads

posted 1 month ago
 Anonymous said: "Do you think the girls wear nothing under their bandeaus?"

Maybe a bra sometimes

posted 1 month ago
 Anonymous said: "why are the boca girls so annoying from all their 'fans'. why they aren't love their fans and why not thank them for all the cute things. i think its nice to be 'famous' sometimes and the feeling to be never alone. i understand thats sometimes stupid but.. they are so unfriendly to them, it seems like"

Yeahh I agree

posted 1 month ago
 Anonymous said: "Where can I buy savs light blue short shorts?"

Submit picture

posted 1 month ago
 Anonymous said: "so is leah and sav not friends anymore?"

It doesn’t seem like it

posted 1 month ago
 Anonymous said: "How to make an uniform cute? Here are the rules : *shoes have to be black and can only be like ballerina flats *white socks *the skirt is blue and pleated with a white button down short sleeved shirt *only small jewelry is allowed *natural makeup only *natural hair colors only * and no jackets or tights because where i live its really really hot.. please help!"

Tuck the white button down into the skirt and where the skirt high waisted if possible, you can either wear your socks mid-way or high, which ever you prefer. Wear just simple mascara and curling your hair some days is always fun/cute!

posted 1 month ago
 Anonymous said: "Is she dating jessey Stevens? (the guy in the picture with her on instagram)"

They’re not dating

posted 1 month ago
 Anonymous said: "they're clothes are all so expensive it makes me sad:("

I know :(

posted 1 month ago